Sagittarius – Venus shines her gentle light in your eighth house all month. You can use her energy to understand the power and sensitivity you have as a person and it can give you a deep insight to your personal needs. You are a highly social being and you know… you do not walk alone in this world. Reach out to others with the depth of your sensitivity and emotions. A surprising & exciting gift of romance and pleasure can come your way on the 25th as Venus squares unpredictable Uranus

Sagittarius – Mars is transiting your 7 th house of partner ships. His energy will stimulate your interaction with partners in business or personal affairs. It’s important that you listen to others and understand what they want so there are no misunderstanding. Negotiate to finesse business deals that are fair to all involved and take action to improve your personal relations. Move out into the public eye by expressing your ideas with a sense of courage and conviction not anger.

Sagittarius – Mercury Retrograde in 7th House suggests that you need to listen carefully to your closest allies. You don’t want to rock the boat or cause a misunderstanding by reacting too quickly. We all want to be right but a general sense of confusion is in the air so give everyone a little extra latitude. It will be very important to watch what you say and do in public around the 27 th when warrior Mars joins with retrograde Mercury. Remember its always always best to keep things simple.