Sagittarius – Mercury begins the month retrograde in your 6th House suggests that its very important to pay attention to the details in day to day work projects. You know your responsibilities but there is a lot of confused energy around so check twice if you have any questions at work. Little things like alarm clocks, small appliances and schedules don’t work well. Mercury’s direct motion on the 22 nd clearly will help eliminate any misunderstanding and bring a new sense of direction in work projects and daily health routines.

Sagittarius – Jupiter moves direct in your 10 house of career and status and Jupiter is your ruling planet bringing a new wave of energy that can connect you to powerful allies. Your career is in the spotlight and you must act on new opportunities. Cooperate on important projects and you will gain the recognition you desire. This is a great time to improve your skills and express your ambitions. A powerful ally may lend you a hand so be thankful and share your achievements with others.

Sagittarius – the Full Moon falls in your 1st house of personal expression and appearance. If the spotlights on you love to be in it just make sure your sensitive ego and flair for drama don’t create mountains out of mole hills or you might get bumped off the stage. Allow your emotional sensitivity to express as compassion for others than your warmth and generosity will win you applause.

Sagittarius – Venus in the 7 house demands that you get out in front of the public for your steady nature will help you build partnerships on a personal and professional levels. Her opposition to Mars in the 1 house warns you that not everyone wants to follow your agenda so don’t push too hard. Family members may have their own needs and desires so you should consider them first. Also please realize they might not be feeling as energetic as you are.