Sagittarius – The month begins as Mercury is transiting your fifth house of creativity and romance. Don’t mess around with people you don’t really know. A challenge from Saturn and Pluto in your second house warns you to control your pleasure principle. Venus brings her charm to your 5 house adding enjoyment to romantic and creative pursuits. Her trine to Jupiter in your1 house on the 9th brings opportunities to express yourself. Please keep your ego in check. Mercury transits your 6 house and trines Saturn and Pluto in your 2 house from the 16 – 18 th. Watch your finances. Balance your budget. Pluto compels you to examine your attitudes. You must know what you value and why. The trine from Mercury in your 6 suggests this is a great time to reorganize your work. Mercury enters your 7 house enhancing your ability to communicate and cooperate with partners. The Square to Neptune in your 4 on the 29 th brings emotional deepening or confusion. Soul awareness and prayer inspire personal transformation.