Sagittarius – Venus and Mars are traveling together in your10 house to open up the month. Use the first week for business and social contacts that can help you move ahead. You may be full of ambition and have a lot of nervous energy so remember that fools rush in where angels fear to tread. You may need skill and patience to bring work projects to a good conclusion. The Secret Of Love is enjoying down time

Sagittarius – the New Moon on Nov 11 falls in your 12 th house of spirituality. This is a complex and intense Moon that combines the power of Scorpio and the energy of the Sun and Mercury. Your normal expressive personality may need to take a bit of a holiday. It is important for you to spend time in meditation so you can listen carefully to your dreams and psychic impressions. This will allow you renew your spiritual energy to prepare for the future.

Sagittarius – Venus transiting Libra, the sign she rules and the11 house of associations brings opportunities through social groups, humanitarian causes, the arts and entertainment. Its time to socialize with friends. However her opposition to disruptive Uranus 5 may bring excitement and adventure that’s a little hard to tame. Don’t allow a taste of the unusual to create havoc in your romantic life. Focus your creative sense and aim for the stars.

Sagittarius – the Saturn Neptune Square is a challenge of divergent forces that pits reality against illusion. Saturn in your 1 brings a need for structure to your personality. How do you make your individuality real in the world. But Neptune in the 4 tries to dissolve your need for individuality through a connection to the vastness of the soul. Blend individuality with compassion.