Sagittarius – Neptune in your 4th house brings a deep sense of spiritual awareness that can connect you to the source of wisdom and understanding. This world is full of illusions and emotional traps and you may now have the ability to see through them. Your intuition is empowered but so is your sensitivity so keep clear to avoid emotional confusion. It can be caused by fears and insecurity. The Sun’s trine to Neptune in the 12 brings the power of your dreams to life. Listen with your heart and mind.

Sagittarius Uranus 5 has brought excitement and adventure into your life and you’ve been a little hard to tame. Don’t let anyone pin you down unless they offer the opportunity of a lifetime.
Your creative sense has you aiming for the stars. A beautiful trine from Venus in the 1 house will bring a hypnotic smile and gentle inspiration that can change your sense of self and your ability to inspire others. There’s a green light for love and pleasure.

Sagittarius – Mars moves into in your 3 stimulating your mind and giving you the energy and desire to go places and do things you want to do. Its time to expand your horizons so learn what you need & put good ideas into practice. You can be intellectually sharp but a bit competitive so watch your tone of voice. Mars can be a bit impulsive so take care in travel and communications.

Sagittarius – The Mercury Saturn conjunction 1 warns you to control the way you express yourself. Your emotions are normally under control but you may find some challenging situations or confused people coming your way. Stop and think twice before you react to them. Try to create inner depth while at the same time using discipline to redefine the your personality. Control your ego and clarify your personality.

Sagittarius – A powerful conjunction of Venus and Pluto in your 2 intensifies the need to watch your budget. Look before you leap in investments. Spend on developing talents so you can improve your income. You’ll feel a deep sense of security as you overcome limitations and gain inner strength. The square from Jupiter in your 11 is excessive and warns you friends may tempt you to party. You may also want to impress others with your fashion sense. Think before acting and please use your common sense.