Sagittarius – The month begins with three interesting 0ppositions. The Sun in the 12 th house opposes Jupiter in the 6th You may want to try for a promotion or interview for a new job make sure you are prepared and your feeling confident. If not you may find the success you seek. Mercury in the 12th house opposes Uranus in the 6 th brining up questions about you knowledge or lack of preparation. You may have to take a course in new technology to get ahead. You may need to be careful with whom you share your plans. Venus in the 10 th house opposes Neptune in the 4 th house suggesting you need to look at the value of your career and the spiritual affect it has on your sense of security.

Sagittarius – week 2 is energized by Mars in the in the 12 th house opposing Uranus in the 6 th of daily routines. This unusual energy pits the God of War against the God of chaos and can create problems at work with co workers or technology and machinery. Make sure you pay attention to what you are doing, follow all safety rules and don’t get into disagreements you can’t win. You should try to make adjustments to unexpected schedule changes. This is very important over the 13 & 14 since the New Moon in Scorpio and your 12 th house also opposes Uranus in the 6 th throwing a little extra emotionalism on any fires. You should keep your head and stay composed for this is a quickly changing cycle.

Sagittarius – The 3 week begins with a powerful Sun Mars conjunction is your 12 th house. There is a great undercurrent of energy that may be affecting your sense of purpose. Sometimes we all need to consider what is the most important thing in our lives. It is work, money or our spiritual integrity. If you take a bit of quiet time to meditate on this issue you will easily answer question. You can always lean on your spiritual beliefs to pull you through difficult situations. This challenging energy is followed by an easy trine between the Sun and Mars in the 12 th to Neptune in the 4 th house. It can allow you to connect with the deeper source of your being so you can stay centered in any storm.

Sagittarius – 4 The month ends as the Sun enters optimistic Sagittarius and your 1 st house of personality. This is a go ahead signal that comes around every year at this time. You may feel a sense of relief and renewal that puts you at the top of your game. Optimism is one of the hall marks of your sign and it can pay off big. Don’t get too carried away as your energy may be modified as Saturn squares both the Sun and Mars from 4 house reminding you of the realities of life. Take care of your responsibilities. The month ends with questionable communications as Mercury 1 st will square Neptune in the 4 th house throwing a curve ball into travel plans. Don’t get confused.