Sagittarius-(1) the month begins with Jupiter in your 5 house of pleasure opposite Venus in your 11 house of associates. This is an excessive combination of energy and suggests self-control is needed with spending money, self-indulgence, and big plans. You need to understand what you are trying to achieve through group involvements. You must be willing to keep your boundaries. The enemy is peer pressure. Mercury goes direct in your 10 house which can help with ideas to succeed in your career. Mercury trines Pluto in the 3 house which helps you sell your ideas.

Sagittarius – (2) the second week opens with Pluto going direct in your 2 house of money and resources. This may bring you an opportunity to develop some of your latent talents and ability to make money. The Full Moon asks for cooperation in social situations that help you network to get ahead. The Sun and Venus will trine Saturn in your 3 house focusing your energy on communicating efficiently. You must know what to say to be effective. Mars Square Neptune warns you not to be vague. You must keep your focus on creating personal security.

Sagittarius – (3) the third week brings a complex Sun, Venus Mars and Pluto setup that can keep you guessing which way to go. The Sun and Venus in the 11 house of associates and networking both trine Mars in the 7 house of partners. This can bring a sense of connection and comradery and an opportunity to understand how to get ahead. Support others goals and gain their help. But a Square from the Sun and Venus to Pluto in your 2 house of money and resources warns you to be aware of what you’re spending. Protect what you value the most, your reputation

Sagittarius – (4) The fourth week begins with a New Moon in the 12 house while Saturn has gone direct in the 3 house. The Moon brings sensitivity and hidden emotional intensity while Saturn asks you to control yourself and watch what you say to people. Focus your mind and stay centered. This will be very important as Mars begins his long retrograde period in your 7 house of business and personal relationships. Your desires and actions with partners may come into review. Measure your future potential by the quality of the cooperation you give and receive.