Sagittarius – The month begins with Mercury in the 10 th house of career and status in opposition to Neptune in the 4 th house of foundations. Neptune can be a tricky energy and especially in an opposition to logical Mercury. It is important that you balance you duties between your home and family and your career responsibilities. You may be focusing on a dream of success that is more of a fantasy than a reality. You need to be aware that your real security starts with your inner being. Mercury in your 10 th house of career and status will also trine Pluto in the 2 nd house of resources midweek. Pluto exposes truth allowing you to make better decisions for your future.

Sagittarius – week 2 begins with a big bump as Mars in the 11 house of associates squares Pluto in the 2 nd house of resources. This energy warns you to be careful when dealing with friends and money. Remember, never a borrower or lender be. Another challenge may visit the end of the week as Venus in the 10 th of career and status opposes Saturn in the 4 th house of foundations. You must balance your time between family and career responsibilities. A trine from Mars (12) to Saturn (4) on the 13 th and a New Moon on the 14 th in 11 th may help smooth things out as common sense can guide you to a new path of action. Logic should overcome excessive passion.

Sagittarius – The 3 week begins with a challenging Sun Mercury Conjunction in the 11 th house of associates which is Squared to Pluto in the 2 nd house of intellect. You must be very careful when discussing money and investments with friends and associates. There may be information that you are missing which can lead to costly decisions. the end of the week settles down as Venus in the 10 trines Jupiter in the 6 th. This is a positive energy that can bring a bit of good luck based on your hard work and visionary abilities. You see the potential of future investments. then Saturn 4 trines Mercury in the 12 th helping you to overcome some personal limitations and emotional fears

Sagittarius – 4 The month ends with as Saturn in the 4 house trines the Sun in the 12 th bringing a stabilizing energy to your inner spirit. This is an excellent time to go on a retreat or to open yourself to your spiritual talents. You may find angels when you need them most. The energy peaks again as Mercury conjuncts Mars in the 12 th and both oppose Jupiter in the 6 house of daily routines. You must revert to the practical and keep one foot on the ground. The month ends with unexpected energy as a full Moon and Venus 10 trine Uranus in the 6 may bring a new opportunity to cooperate on work projects. This can lead to a promotion or a bonus. If you have good ideas develop them