Sagittarius – Venus transiting the sign Virgo and your 10th house inspires you to seek success and recognition through your career or social contacts. You may want to spiff up your appearance and work at being a little extra efficient on-the-job. Take a class to improve your personal talents and attend work related social events. Influential people can help you advance your professional goals.

Sagittarius – Mars is transiting your1of personal expression and appearance. this energy can be a bit impulsive and adventurous which may surprise some people. Make your wishes & your presence known. You can be aggressive but don’t be egotistical or people will turn away. Disciplined this energy and focus on self improvement plans. You will be more effective if you are efficient, practical and follow a well thought out plan of action.

Sagittarius – Pluto – A deep slow revolution is happening in your second house – You have value different values than many people. High on the list is freedom of thought and expression. Many others seek money, property and more possessions, you may seek to develop a lifestyle that brings truth, happiness and satisfaction. To find it look closely at your personal talents. What do you do better than most? That talent is your Holy Grail and what you must develop to be happy.