Sagittarius – the month begins with a New Moon solar eclipse in your 10 th house of. This energy stimulates a need to ground yourself to important tasks so you can take on new business responsibilities with efficiency and control. There are opportunities in front of you that require professional abilities. The projects that you start now may have important effects on your future. Put your shoulder to the wheel, put your heart and head together and aim for success.

Sagittarius – Jupiter moves into Libra the sign of justice and public relations and your 11 house of. This can be an excellent transit with a lot of promise if you use common sense. New people and opportunities come to your through groups and association and romance and love could be in your future. Stay focused and don’t be blinded by political rhetoric from either side.

Sagittarius the final Saturn Neptune Square connects your 1 house of personality to your 4 house of emotional foundations. You can use this challenge to blend the power of illusion to create a new structure in your reality. Saturn in your 1 brings a need for structure to your personality. How do you make your individuality real in the world. But Neptune in the 4 tries to dissolve your need for individuality through a connection to the vastness of the soul. You must learn to blend individuality with compassion.

Sag – Retrograde Mercury trines retrograde Pluto on 9/20 fooling you into thinking you have all the answers. Think again and take time to carefully review the way you’ve handled career duties and responsibilities. You’ll be happy you did after the 22 when Mercury goes direct and career and social situations get back on track. Keep focused on important business deals.