Sagittarius – The month begins with some powerful cross currents of energy as 5 planets are retrograde and will be joined by Jupiter making a six pack. Jupiter in your 6 house of daily routine warns you to keep focused on your job. And watch your health. There may also be a general sense of confusion in the air, missed messages and a feeling that everything is haywire. Be careful w/communications, and your career as Mercury in your 10 is one of the culprits. The good news is Venus will go direct in your 9 house of ambition and Mars is direct in your 11 th house of associates bringing positive energy to your ability to network with important people. Just move slowly.

Sagittarius – week 2 is a powerful time for reflection and repair as Mercury retrograde is distancing from the Sun in your 10 th house. This is the house of your career achievements and social status. Mercury retrograde in this area asks you to review what you have achieved in your world and what you would like to do to improve your position and power. Are you a loner or are you able to cooperate with people of power. This is the time to see how you work with others building a place in society that gains you recognition. Take advantage of this opportunity for the New Moon in the 10 th can bring an opportunity to improve your position and status.

Sagittarius – The 3 week begins with a bang as Mercury goes direct in your 10 th house and Venus in the 9 th house Squares Jupiter in the 6 th. Mercury direct asks you to put yourself in a place of success. You may influence others. Venus in the 9 th will bring new opportunities to use your ambitions. But the Square to Jupiter in the 6 th house of daily routines warns you to take care of business by being efficient and productive at work. Hoping for the best will not help you will any prizes. An opposition between the Sun in the 10 th house and Neptune in the 4 th warns you to handle both family and career responsibilities. You need to balance both to feel a deep sense of security.

Sagittarius – 4 The month ends with the Sun entering Libra and the 11 house of your chart suggesting you have an opportunity to sharpen you networking skills. Negotiate deals that benefit everyone. Venus in the 9 house of ambition will Square Uranus in the 6 th house of work and daily routine. This is tricky energy for it is highly individualistic and you must cooperate with co-workers to be more productive. Use new technology. Mercury in the 10 house of status will trine Uranus in your 6 th house. This is a good time to learn and use the newest software and technology to help you get ahead at work. Efficiency can lead to greater success.