Venus Transit Capricorn All Month
Scorpio – Venus shines her gentle light in your third house all month. This is an important house on the level of mind and communications.  Take advantage of all the new ideas that come to you.  Analyze them for their usefulness, write them down and take every opportunity to express them. You can be quite dramatic when you want and you can sway other people to your beliefs and sell them your ideas. You may be more charismatic than usual.  Just remember to have some fun.
Mercury Retrograde Square Saturn February 18 & 19
Scorpio – Mercury goes retrograde into your fourth house of family and emotional foundations. This suggests that you may need to take make some repairs at home. This can be on the physical or emotional levels. A challenge from Saturn in your first house over the 18 & 19 warns you to watch your words and actions. If you think you can act with impunity you are wrong.  Others may misunderstand your words and/or actions.
Neptune is Pisces Conjunct the Sun February 23
Scorpio – Neptune transits your 5th house in Pisces, the sign he rules.  This can be a truly inspired time in your life as you gain a new understanding of the creative process. Use the power of your Imagination, harness it to your ideas and remove fear of rejection.  The conjunction to the Sun on the 23 rd can bring confusion or illumination so listen carefully to your muse.  There may be a special romantic and sensual opportunity.



Mars transits Virgo and your 11 th house through July 4 2012 and he is retrograde until April 14, 2012. He is an aggressive and energetic factor. It may seem that everyone else is a bit confused about what they want and where they’re going. You can help them stay focused to a goal. Jupiter moves through Taurus and your seventh house till June. Benefits may come through partners so keep open to their ideas. If you come before the public watch your P.’s and Q.’s. When Jupiter enters your eighth house and Gemini in June your sensuality reaches a new high. Your intuition and psychic abilities become more powerful. Be willing to share and not just take. Openness and gentleness will be rewarded. Saturn transiting through your 12 th house tells you spiritual and inner work must be done so you can move to the future. Past Failures must be seen as opportunities for growth and renewal. Deepen your spiritual purpose with meditation, prayer and clarity. Neptune transiting your 5 th house can bring many delightful experiences. follow your dreams and creative visions. Romance and sensuality are increased but don’t get trapped by indulgence. Express yourself wisely.

Uranus – Pluto Challenge 2012

The fireworks are here Scorpio as Uranus transits the 6 th house and brings new experiences and energy to your work. Watch your health and diet and adjust yourself for the future. Technology makes you more efficient and productive. Pluto transiting the 3 rd house pushes you to fundamentally change the essence of your mind. How do you learn, analyze, and communicate information? Make use of the knowledge you have gained. The conflict you face asks you to manage the way you think and the responsibilities you must meet. If you can adjust, new opportunities and energy will come your way.