Scorpio – Mercury begins the year retrograde in your 2 house until the 8 th suggesting cash flow glitches check your bank balance and expenses carefully. He retrogrades back into your 6 house 4/9 – 5/3 warning you to pay attention to details at work. You’ll be more productive and efficient. From 8/12 – 9/5 he retrogrades into your 11 house bringing a need for common sense in group situations. Don’t just follow the crowd blindly. Lead with wisdom. His final retrograde is from 12/3 – 12/22 in your house 2 warning you to be careful with budgets and investments. Check your balance.

Scorpio – Venus – smiles on you from 1/4 – 2/4 when someone you know can become more than just a friend. Open up your heart. From 8/1 – 8/26 she brings a chance for adventure as you head for the beaches and leave your fears behind. She lights up your personal passion from 11/8 – 12/1 as she brings opportunities for love and pleasure.

Scorpio – Mars visits your sign from 12/10 – end of the year. You’ll be passionate about your beliefs and what you want to accomplish. He’ll give you positive support in January and June. He’ll challenge you to be flexible and kind in March and August.

Scorpio – Jupiter transits Libra through October and your 12 house bringing opportunities for inner growth. Seek the depth of your being, heal old wounds and prepare for the future for success may be just around the corner. Jupiter opposes Uranus at the beginning of March and end of September so expect unusual transitions in your life.

Scorpio – Saturn transits your 2 house all year. You must understand the substance of your being. You earn money by exercising your talents and improving your abilities. You must now improve your effectiveness to attract what you need. Saturn trines Uranus in November giving you a new sense of personal efficiency.

Scorpio – Uranus transiting your 6 house continues to give you the energy to break free from boring work responsibilities. You feel more creative. Neptune brings his subtle and creative energy to your 5 house. He inspires you to be creative and more romantic. Pluto in your 3 house helps you express yourself fully by communicating with more depth, power and meaning.