Scorpio – Jupiter moves direct in your 10 house till 8/11 bringing a new wave of energy that can connect you to powerful allies. Your career is in the spotlight and you must act on new opportunities. Cooperate on important projects and you will gain the recognition you desire. This is a great time to improve your skills and express your ambitions. A powerful ally may lend you a hand so be thankful and share your achievements with others.

Scorpio – Pluto Retrograde in the 3 rd house of mind compels you to examine the way you gain and assimilate knowledge. You need to understand how you learn and what really catches your intellectual interest. Those are the areas of life you need to focus on. You can deepen your knowledge base if you avoid distractions. This will empower your mind and bring new effectiveness to your communications.

Scorpio – Mercury joins Mars in your 7 th house of partners. You are stimulated by the people around you and may feel enticed by a dynamic and sensual stranger. This is an important time to listen to partners who have a more practical approach especially in business deals. They can lead you to a place of power. Kindness will build understanding between partners.