Scorpio – Jupiter retrograde in your 11 house and asks you to review how you have interacted with social groups. New people can bring new opportunities but you should make sure they fit with your aspirations. Stay true to your deeper spiritual values.
Scorpio – Saturn’s retrograde in your 2 suggests you review what you have and how you use it. This goes for money, personal resources and talents. Spend money carefully but understand you can use your talents to earn more. Know what is truly valuable.

Mercury enters Taurus and Venus enters Aries on April 5, 2016 Scorpio – Mercury enters your 7 house. Enhancing your ability to communicate and cooperate with your partner. Kind gestures and gentleness will win the day.
Venus brings her charm to your 6 house adding a sense of cooperation and harmony to your everyday activities. Use this energy to improve conditions at work so harmony can prevail. But don’t overindulge.

Scorpio – Mars goes retrograde in your 2 – consider the actions were taken in business and Financial affairs. You must know what you value and what you need. Watch spending habits, save money and don’t gamble foolishly. Set a flexible yet wise budget and only adjust it when it is absolutely necessary.

Scorpio – Pluto Retrograde in the 3 rd house of mind compels you to examine the way you gain and assimilate knowledge. You need to understand how you learn and what really catches your intellectual interest. Those are the areas of life you need to focus on. You can deepen your knowledge base if you avoid distractions. This will empower your mind and bring new effectiveness to your communications.