Scorpio – The month begins with a powerful Jupiter Pluto Square. Expansive Jupiter in your 12 house of limitations is challenged by the purging power of Pluto in your 3 house of mind. You’ve had time to seek the depth of your being overcome fear and heal old wounds However, the square to Pluto in your 3 house warns you to control your mind and emotions as you express yourself with the power of understanding. Put meaning, depth and gentleness into your words as you prepare for your future success.

Scorpio -Saturn is retrograde in the 2 house. You must learn from your experiences with money and your personal resources. Have you increased your personal value or has your sense of well being eroded. You must be responsible with money but you must also understand that your talents help you earn it. Develop your talents and you will understand what is truly valuable in life.

Scorpio – Mercury begins the month retrograde in your 7th House suggests that you need to listen carefully to your closest allies. You don’t want to rock the boat or cause a misunderstanding by being stubborn. We all want to be right but a general sense of confusion is in the air so give everyone a little extra latitude. Remember its always best to keep things simple.

Scorpio – Mars moves into in your 8 stimulating your intuition and sensuality so listen carefully to your feelings about other people. Business or financial deals may come to a good conclusion at this time. Just remember to negotiate fairly and check the details. This is a good time to purge yourself of bad habits. control and purify your desires and you’ll feel a sense of renewal.