Scorpio – (1) the month begins with a New Moon in your 6 house. It is also joined by Mercury and Chiron. This concentration of energy will increase your need for discipline and hard work. You may want to take the lead, start new projects and let everyone know you’re in charge take a new approach to solve old problems to be a success. The spotlight may be on you so be aware of how you are treating co-workers. Mars is conjunct Saturn in your 5 house so make sure you behave. Do not mix business with pleasure. Important people may be watching your performance.

Scorpio – (2) the second week features a powerful Square between Mercury in the 6 and Pluto in the 3 warning you to be careful with communications and travel, especially at work. A conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune in your 5 th house and the sign Pisces can bring opportunities in romance and creativity. You can heal the depth of your being and find the truth about your spirituality. Then you can let go of past hurts and open new sources of inspiration. The Full Moon on the 16 th brings emotions to the surface with work responsibilities. Tread carefully, emotions are high.

Scorpio – (3) the third week begins with an energetic conjunction of Mercury and Uranus in your 7 house warning you to be careful with relationships. You need to listen to others and communicate clearly. You may find yourself in the spotlight. A square between the Sun in your 6 house and Pluto in the 3 rd warns against being too revolutionary at work. You may have some good ideas but they must be approached in a logical manner for Mercury will square Saturn at the end of the week. Saturn does not like foolishness, but he will reward practical ideas and hard work.

Scorpio – (4) the fourth week has a major conjunction of Venus, Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces and your 5 th house. Lucky you. This is a powerful yet subtle energy that can bring a whole new depth of creativity into you life. You need to focus your energy on the enjoyment spiritual and creative activities bring to you. You need to listen to your dreams and follow your deeper intuition. An opportunity to add sensuality, love and spirituality to a relationship may appear. Pluto going RX may give you some time to re-evaluate the way you communicate to others.