Scorpio – The month begins as Mercury in your 9th house opposes Pluto in your third house of the mind. You think you have a good handle on what motivates the people around you. Sometimes its greed and fear and sometimes its hope. A spike of energy occurs on the fourth when Mars in the 6 squares Jupiter in your third house of communications. Be cautious and stay aware of what’s happening in at work and what you say. Mars in the 6 stimulates physical and nervous energy. The square to Pluto on the 13 th in your 3 rd house intensifies the need to open your mind and use it to understand and communicate new ideas. You must harness the power of your mind. Uranus turns retrograde on the 15 th in your 7 th house & asks you to review any changes you’ve made to one of the most important areas of your life… relationships. Neptune in your 5th house. This can be an excellent time to begin a new creative approach in your life. You have subtle sensations that most people may overlook. Neptune’s trine to Venus on the 27 th in the 9 can help you use the power of your vision.