Scorpio – (1) the month begins with Mars and Uranus conjunct in your 7 house of personal & business relationships. This dynamic duo warns you to be careful with ego conflicts. You may run into some erratic people who have strange ideas. Mid-week settles down a bit as Venus shines her gentle light in your higher intellectual realms so take advantage of new ideas. But the week may end with another challenge as Saturn brings conflicts between your personal pursuits and what your sense of security demands. Take time to deepen your emotions.

Scorpio – (2) the second week opens with complications and conflicting values. Venus the love goddess opposes Pluto God of the underworld. Try to broaden your understanding of the beliefs of others. You may be highly sensitive at this time and personal issues may be front and center. The Full Moon energy may conflict with your energy. Try to avoid conflicts in your career or home life. Do not allow others to create a sense of conflict. There are powerful karmic forces affecting people on the emotional level. Make room for sensitive emotional energies.

Scorpio – (3) the third week brings some needed relief with a gentle aspect between Venus in the 10 house of career and status Jupiter in your 6 house of daily routines. This is a positive energy that gives you the ability to express your creativity by cooperating with important work projects. Be willing to adjust your schedule. The middle of the week increases your quest to deepen psychic connections as Mars enters Gemini. Just don’t become confused as Mercury will oppose Neptune. Clarity about social involvements will help you avoid frustration

Scorpio – (4) The fourth week is a week of excess energy as Uranus goes retrograde and Mars stimulates the Full Moon. Do be willing to adjust your approach to your partner’s needs. There is excess energy and a critical vibe in the air so a flexible attitude will help. A willingness to help others will keep you above the fray. Venus in the 10 opposes Saturn in the 4 again suggesting you need to do your best to blend your need for personal security with your career responsibilities. This will be important if you plan to be successful in the future.