Scorpio – a sense of optimism opens the month as the Sun, Mercury and Venus transit fiery Sagittarius giving you the opportunity to lift your spirit. Your second house is activated so you’ll need to be a bit careful with your budget. You’re tempted to spend big on extravagant gifts for those you love but you’ll be wiser to keep your emotions and your money in separate pockets. If you do have some extra money invest it wisely so you can make more. Then you can be more generous.

Scorpio – Jupiter goes retrograde in your 10 house. Take time to re-evaluate what you’ve been doing for the past few months. You’ve had some new opportunities to move ahead in career and social situations and you may have even experienced a job promotion or professional success.  Now its time to evaluate what you have achieved and how you can consolidate your gains. If you push the river to far you might wash away your gains.

Scorpio – After Jupiter slowed things down earlier in the month, Uranus goes direct in your 6 renewing holiday excitement. You can’t wait to break free from the restrictions and responsibilities of work as you get ready for holiday cheer. Yes its great to party but someone must be the designated driver. If you have new responsibilities make sure you handle them well. You can adjust now and then enjoy the parties later.