Scorpio – The first 10 days of the month are full of excitement as Mars energizes Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus. Mars trines Jupiter 4 foundations to the 12 of spirituality on the first bringing a note of optimism to the holiday season. You have the opportunity to reawaken the power of your spirituality by finding a new sense of depth within your being. This can bring you emotional healing. Mars sextiles Saturn in your 2 on the 3rd. This is a good time to begin a project around the home. If you invest your energy and resources wisely you’ll experience a great sense of satisfaction. When Mars sextiles Uranus on the sixth in your 6 your daily routine should include healthy patterns. opportunities may shake up boring routines and lead in an exciting direction.

Scorpio -Sun Conjunct Saturn in 2- Your second house of money and personal resources receives a wake up call to slow down or you may hit a wall. The Sun loves to spend on glittery things and this time of year Saturn warns you that money can slip through your fingers. The question is one of substance. Develop your talents, inventory your possessions and know what is truly valuable in life.

Scorpio – Mercury RX in 3rd House just before the holidays warns you to be aware of the details of everyday life. Mental energy is swirling around and you’ll need to maintain clarity of thought. Other people may be a bit fearful. Communicate needed information carefully. Check any travel plans twice and think over big decisions carefully. You need to be Clear and precise.

Scorpio – Christmas Day begins with a beautiful Venus Jupiter Trine to your 12 house. You have a green light to step away from the world and energize your being. strengthen your spiritual nature by forgiving past hurts. Venus then sextiles Saturn in your 2 house making you feel you have everything that’s important for happiness. Venus also sextiles Uranus in your 6 house bringing sparkle and excitement to you. You feel full of energy and look forward to new adventures at work.