Scorpio – The month begins with a highly energized last quarter moon that brings the extra intensity of Mars to your 1 house. You’re wearing your emotions close to the skin and you might act without thinking keep focused to avoid annoying situations. The more controlled you are now, the more you’ll enjoy next week’s Super Bowl and Chinese new year.

Scorpio – Super Bowl weekend starts with a Venus Pluto conjunction in your 3 house. You’re not in the mood for superficial activity for you know that an important time has arrived. Focus the power of your mind and emotions to get things done. Then Venus squares Uranus in your 6 house on Saturday. Work hard and your special touch will shine through for the big party. Mars square’s the sun from your 1 house on Sunday bringing a sense of extra energy. There’s electricity in the air. You have flair, energy and enthusiasm. You’ll be the host or hostess with the most-est. Monday brings the energy of the new moon in your 4 house and the Chinese new year. Use this new cycle to establish a deep sense of satisfaction in your being.

Scorpio – the sun conjuncts Neptune in your 5 house this is a special once a year transit that enhances the visionary and spiritual qualities of life. It illuminates your 5th house of romance and creativity. You have the gold card and should keep your eyes open for opportunities to deepen the pleasurable side of life. Passion is increased as is the ability to spiritualize your love. If you’re the creative type don’t miss this opportunity to add a special sparkle to your work. It may gain you public recognition.