Scorpio – Mars in the 6 stimulates physical and nervous energy. You’ll need to approach work projects in an efficient manner. This will help you overcome obstacles. You may also start a diet or go to the gym. You’ll feel energized and successful.The square to Pluto in your 3 rd house intensifies the need to open your mind and use it to understand and communicate new ideas. You must harness the power of your mind to analyze and understand new information without being confused. Madness is confusion. Clarity My be the gift of this energy

Mercury enters Pisces and your 5, adding more sensitivity to your sense of romance and creativity. Your ability to think more clearly improves and you will say the right things at the right time. cooperation with romantic partners flows and inspiration helps creative projects. Its time to unleash your inner child and have some fun. Remember gentleness wins the day

Mars conjunct Uranus 6 may create a powerful spike of energy on the 13 the which can disrupt plans for Valentine’s day. You may need to make adjustments in your daily routine especially in work situations. So if new responsibilities come your way, adjust to them without complaint and don’t play when you should be working. Protect your energy by making sensible changes. remember love is gentle and kind, not over powering.

Venus Conjuncts Pluto in your third house – You need to deepen your ability to think, learn and communicate. An important issues may be listening to others and assimilating knowledge in a productive manner. You are a natural detective but now you must select what you need to know. You must polish your perceptions.