Scorpio – The first week has a Full Moon in Leo 10 house bringing career performance to center stage. You should put your best foot forward here and display your creative abilities. Just remember to be a bit humble and don’t be too dramatic or you may wind up turning people in power against you. You must respect the rules of the game to get ahead. Jupiter moving forward in your 6th house is a very positive energy that can bring new opportunities to improve your work conditions and production. You may find a little luck comes your way or a bit of a raise.

Scorpio – 2 Venus will be in your 5 th house so look for help from creative people. This is a good time to launch creative projects that can bring you some positive attention so don’t hide your light express it. She will conjunct Neptune on the 15 th combining the spiritual energy of Neptune with the romantic nature of Venus. A new romance may enter your life bringing happiness and enchantment. It is important to know what you value and need in life for Neptune and be an enchanter but also a bit nebulous.

Scorpio – 3 The sun will conjunct Saturn so this is an important time for a serious look at your home life and sense of security. The Sun wants to shine and be recognized but Saturn is a bit controlled and austere. You may have to balance your responsibilities at home with your duties in the world. If you are frustrated or insecure, you may have to make adjustments and change your attitudes. The New Moon in Pisces on the 20 th is very sensitive and emotional and may affect the people closest to you. She may ask you to take a break from your creative and romantic pursuits so you can clear your head.

Scorpio – The 4 week ends the month with a Stellium of planets including Venus, the Moon and Jupiter in Aries and your sixth house of daily routines. They are also joined by Chiron the wounded healer. This is a powerful and positive combination of energy that brings a boost to your work situation and personal energy. You may start a new and promising project that has a good future payout. You may also consider starting your own business where you can be more independent and productive and this is a good time to start a new diet or health routine. Just remember that no one succeeds alone.