Scorpio – the month begins with a happy crescent Moon It connects your 4th & 6th houses. It’s a good time to follow your feelings for your sensitivity is heightened. Be careful not to ignore emotional issues – if they need repair fix them. The same goes for home improvements, make needed repairs now. Remember, home is where the heart is so take time to express your love.

Scorpio – Jupiter goes retrograde in your 10 house. Take time to re-evaluate what you’ve been doing for the past few months. You’ve had some new opportunities to move ahead in career and social situations and you may have even experienced a job promotion or professional success.
Now its time to evaluate what you have achieved and how you can consolidate your gains. If you push the river to far you might wash away your gains.

Scorpio – Venus and Mars are traveling together in your 6 house all month bringing opportunities for pleasure and romance in your personal and business life. Don’t get lazy when you should be busy so balance your responsibilities with personal pleasures. Once business is taken care of you can focus on the more pleasurable aspects of life. The Secret Of Love is living your life in creative balance and peace.

Scorpio – the month ends with a spike of energy when Mars joins Uranus on the 26th in your 6 house. You may need to make adjustments in your daily routine. So if new responsibilities come your way, adjust to them without complaint. Protect your energy by making sensible changes in diet and exercise. The opposition to Jupiter on the 27 in your12 house warns you to keep peace in your heart. Fear and worry can damage both body and mind.