Scorpio – Your power card is the Judgement card and the power day for January is the 20 th. the Sun conjuncts Pluto as he moves into Aquarius and activates your 4 th house. This is an exciting energy that can have a powerful yet subtle affect. It can give you a deep understanding into where you have come from and where you stand in the world. The fourth house represents the root of your existence. You must see how you are connected to the most important emotional parts of your life, your home and family. This is a good time to study your ancestry to see if there are themes that affect your sense of being and belonging. You are a deeply psychic person and you need to tap into this energy to feel complete. If you are not happy with a home and family situation you may make changes now that can lead to a sense of security in the future. The same can be said of your own emotional reactions to life. If changes are needed you must make them now.

Your power card is the Judgement Card which represent a time of re awakening. Keep your eyes open for an opportunity that will change your personal consciousness.