New Moon – June 2104
Scorpio – the month opens under the vibration of a Gemini new Moon in your 8 th house of rebirth, sensuality and shared resources. There is an old saying that no one succeeds by themselves and so keep this in mind as cooperation with partners will prove more rewarding than self serving effort. You may be willing to invest your time and money in a solid business plans, but remember it is really shared passion that makes the world go round.

Mercury Retrograde June 7, 2104
Scorpio Mercury RX in 8th House warns you to keep track of all the important details in any joint business ventures. Partners may be saying one thing and doing another and it might be wise to clarify who is responsible for the bottom line. This is a good time to check contracts and insurance polices to make sure every thing is in order. The same can be true in intimate relationships where there is a greater chance for emotional misunderstandings and hurt feelings.

Neptune Retrograde June 9, 2022
Scorpio – Neptune is retrograde in your 5th house. Neptune is always subtle but now his energy can bring confusion where there should be happiness and pleasure. you have to learn to understand that different people approach pleasure in their own unique manner. Some like coffee and some like tea. The same is true of creative expression. You can listen to your muse but no one else may understand your music. you may have to re – evaluate your approach to romance and creativity.