Scorpio – Pluto continues to bring powerful changes to your third house of intellect. A beautiful trine from Venus as the month begins in the 7 house demands that you get out in front of the public. Uranus 7 has brought disruptive but exciting energies to your relationships. The Sextile from Mercury on the 7 in your ninth may open new possibilities to understand others. Mars in the 9 brings extra energy to your beliefs and ambitions. his trine to Neptune on the 14 th in the 5 brings inspiration and opportunities to enjoy pleasure. On the 19 th Mercury in your 9 th house opposes Pluto in your third house of mind. You think you have a good handle on what motivates the people around you. Pluto’s opposition to Mars is a straight forward and direct energy that pushes you to take action so you can achieve your desires. Venus transiting on the 24 th in your your 8 brings her sense of enjoyment to your feeling nature. her square to Neptune 5 suggests you pursue pleasure with care.