Scorpio – The month begins on a note of caution as the last quarter moon conjuncts Saturn in your 2 house and squares Jupiter in the 11. You may be receiving mixed messages as Saturn brings delay and Jupiter optimism. You need to balance these opposing forces so you don’t get caught up in other peoples drama. People will be happy to tell you where to go and what to do with your money. You would be wise to take time before investing in someone else’s dream.

Scorpio – Mars is transiting your 2 of money, possessions and personal values. You’d like to make more money and you may have the energy to do so now. Especially if you can focus your your ambition and drive for success. Listen to solid money making ideas but be a little careful not to gamble the farm there is a bit of easy come easy go energy in the air. Make sure you follow sound financial principles and use logic with investments. Don’t be too extravagant.

Scorpio – the conjunction of Venus and Neptune in the 5 will inspire you in romantic and creative situations. Use the inspiration that comes your way in a productive manner. You have an almost magnetic aura that expresses your deeper feelings with great gentleness. Be careful with your sensuality in romantic situations since passion or pleasure can become addictive on many levels and steal your energy. Focus on a creative project for success and deep satisfaction.

Scorpio – a complex T – square pits the pleasure planet Venus in your 5 of pleasure against expansive Jupiter in your 11 of associations while restrictive Saturn goes stationary rx in your 2 of personal resources. This is a tricky aspect that may leave you feeling at odds with yourself. You may be dreaming of a romantic interlude or other promise of pleasure but you must remember that not all the people you deal with are as high minded as you. Be careful and be selective for Saturn retrograde warns you that a simple indiscretion now may be more embarrassing and costly later on.