Scorpio –Neptune transits your 5 house in Pisces the sign he rules, which gives him added strength. This can be a truly inspired time in your life as you gain a new understanding of the creative process. Use the power of your imagination and harness it to your ideas. Remove fear and rejection, who cares. The conjunction to the sun can bring some confusion or illumination.
You need to listen very carefully to your muse so you can be creative. There may also be a spiritual, romantic and sensual opportunity, so enjoy.

Scorpio – Jupiter continues his transit through your 12 house deepening your realization of what really matters in the world. Take time for spiritual work. Meditation, Yoga and prayer can bring a sense of freedom and more balance to your life. The Powerful opp to Uranus in your 6 house may bring an opportunity to establish new routines and revolutionize your work. Use your genius to find more personal freedom

Scorpio – Mars enters your 7of. This energy stimulates your interactions with people in business or personal affairs. If you have difficulty or misunderstandings be more flexible. Negotiate to finesse business deals that are fair to all involved and take action to improve your personal relations. Its time to move ahead with courage, conviction and determination.

Scorpio– the Saturn Moon conjunction falls in your 2 nd house. This can be a constructive or depressing combination according to your nature. They say a penny saved is a penny earned and common sense will help improve your financial situation. You need to know what is most important to you as well as to your partners. Shared resources need to be handled carefully. Honest discussion will help create a new budget. Know where your money is going.