Scorpio – (1) the month begins with a positive Venus Uranus sextile that connects your 5 and 7 th houses. This is a great time to work on creative projects or to add some spice to your love life. Lucky you. Mercury conjunct Jupiter in your 4 house will deepen your ability to expand your sensitivity and your emotions. Reach out and touch someone you love with words from the bottom of your heart. Your sense of security may resonate with, there’s no place like home.

Scorpio – (2) the second week begins with the Sun conjunct Neptune in Pisces and your 5 house. This can empower your ability to visualize a new and creative approach to your life. If you want to capture someone’s heart, this may be the week to do it. The New Moon on the 13 th and a Venus Neptune conjunction makes this the perfect time to follow your creative instincts. You have a green light for love, creativity, and pleasure, so don’t waste it.

Scorpio – (3) the third week is a little quiet as the Sun in your 5 house sextiles Pluto in the 3 rd. This can help you analyze and acquire new knowledge and develop depth of mind . You will also have the ability to express yourself with conviction. Venus enters your 6 house and Mars Trines Saturn, suggesting an ability to improve work conditions and your health. Try to focus your energy on improving your daily routine so you can be seen as a valuable asset.

Scorpio – (4) the fourth week begins with a jolt as Mercury Squares Mars on the 23 rd and warns you to watch what you say because there may be an undercurrent of misunderstanding and innuendo floating around. The Sun conjuncts Venus in Aries suggesting you’ll have cooperation at work. Venus and the Sun both Sextile Saturn in your 4 th house bringing a sense of security.