Scorpio – Your power card is the Ace of Cups and the power day for March is the 17th St Patrick’s Day. The Sun conjuncts Neptune and Venus conjuncts Saturn in Pisces and your 5 th house. This energy puts a focus on creativity, romance and children. This is an excellent placement for these two energies as the Sun likes to shine and Neptune is creative and dramatic and this is the area that enhances self expression. Whatever you do should bring you a sense of joy and fulfillment. The more you follow your heart and intuition the more successful you will be since your creativity is open to inspiration and you will want to express yourself. There is a bit of magic in the air. However the conjunction of Saturn and Venus will demand that you keep your sense of drama in check. This energy demands that you do something that has real value in the world.

Your power card is the Ace of Cups which represents new beginning on the material and spiritual realms