Scorpio – the new Moon falls in your 5th house of romance and creativity.  Your feelings and emotions may be touched with a tender flow of energy that others find very pleasing.  This is a good time to enhance a romance, start a new one or begin a creative project.

Saturn Retrograde
Scorpio –  You must learn from your personal success and failure as you have projected your ego and energy into life.  Have people reacted in a positive manner or do experience conflicts when trying to get your way.  You must know the difference between manipulation and inspiration.  True power inspires warmth and trust in other.

Mars Retrograde
Scorpio – reevaluate how you react to uncertain or confusing situations.  Moderate your feelings and emotions.  If you’re not thinking and acting logically than negative emotions will affect your life .  Prayer, yoga and meditation will help clarify your inner being.