Scorpio – the Taurus New Moon in your 7 th house of partnerships and coming before the public increases your ability to share energy with those you love. You usually like to lead but this may be a good time to take a backseat while your partner leads the way. Remember, you do like to work from behind the scenes and can keep partners on a positive and productive track. Just remember to be flexible.

Scorpio – Mars moves forward in your12 of hidden activities and spiritual development. this energy stimulates you to look inside. Try to understand the motivations behind your deeper desires. Have you been frustrated and influenced by old fears or will you honestly deal with your personal issues. Spiritual renewal projects will bring the reward of emotional clarity. Yoga and meditation may help renew your deeper energies. Listen to your dreams.

Scorpio – You’ll love the sense of excitement as Venus joins Uranus in your 6 house. Normally Venus brings a sense of cooperation and harmony in your everyday activities and as she transits the 6 house. Your work may go smoothly and you’re feeling great. However, when Uranus joins this loving planet the power of discipline and focus may disappear as you seek excitement and new routines. You may even sense new discoveries are coming your way. Tedious jobs need to change as your creative urges and intuition begin to flow. Harness new technologies and systems that can lead to new responsibilities and future success.