Scorpio – Venus shines her gentle light in your ninth house all month. You can use her energy & find opportunities to travel, meet new people or go to places you’ve never been before. On a more important level, you may find your sense of awareness is enhanced and you have an increased ability to understand new ideas. A surprising & exciting gift of romance and pleasure can come your way on the 25 th as Venus squares unpredictable Uranus so listen to your deeper intuition.

Scorpio – Mars is transiting your 8 th house of shared energy. His energy will stimulate your intuition so you should listen to your feelings as well as your ideas. Your sensuality is heightened so be careful with your actions. Try to reach mutually beneficial deals in business and with joint finances. You will benefit by checking the details and negotiating fairly. This is a good time to purge yourself of bad habits. Keep your desires focused and you’ll feel a sense of renewal.

Scorpio Mercury Retrograde in 8th House suggests that an undercurrent off energy may bring confusion between partners or in business deals. People you count on may say one thing and do another. Don’t take it to heart they may just be confused. This is a good time to double check important details in investments or other business ventures. Br gentle in intimate issues on the 27 th when warrior planet Mars joins retrograde Mercury. Make peace and you will heal hurt feelings.