Scorpio – Mercury begins the month retrograde in your 7th House suggests that you need to listen carefully to your closest allies. You don’t want to rock the boat or cause a misunderstanding by being stubborn. We all want to be right but a general sense of confusion is in the air so give everyone a little extra latitude. Remember its always best to keep things simple. Mercury’s direct motion on the 22 nd will help eliminate any misunderstanding and bring a new sense of direction in your personal and business partnerships

Scorpio – Jupiter moves direct in your 11 house of friends and associations bringing a new wave of energy that expands your natural ability to influence other people. Social groups and activities bring new opportunities to network with All the right people. You can gain success by sharing your ideas for a better world with like minded people. The success you desire comes as you develop the ability to blend your talents and dreams into a larger picture.

Scorpio – the Full Moon falls in your 2 nd house of money and resources. You can’t buy happiness since it is a transitory feeling. Keep an eye on the budget and be practical. The realities of life are knocking on your door and you need to take care of them. Once the bills are paid you’ll fell better and have more opportunity to enjoy. Money is in a state of flux so hold onto some of it.

Scorpio – Aries – Venus in the 8 house intensifies your sensual nature. You might find that you have the ability to join your resources with others for productive purpose and financial gain. Her opposition to Mars in the 2 house warns you not to be excessive with your budget. If your trying to impress someone with your wallet it may wind up empty. And too much pleasure may be detrimental to your well being. Impress others with your creative approach.