Scorpio – (1) the month begins with a number of positive aspects linking Venus Jupiter Mars and Uranus. These are all energizing interactions that suggest life will be moving fast. Any changes that you need to make with creative or partnership issues should be done in a spiritual manner. This is also a good time to work on your talents and in freeing yourself from emotional indulgences. The Sun will conjunct Uranus and then sextile Mars suggesting you take action on your partner’s ideas that rely on new technology or social media. You may find unexpected results.

Scorpio – (2) the second week may be slightly calmer but don’t let your guard down as Jupiter enters your 6 house of daily routines and Mercury goes RX in your 8 house warning you to be careful with joint finances and private conversations. Mercury is RX in his own sign and 8 so expect bumps in negotiations and passionate exchanges. The energy will end in a Full Moon that connects your 7 house of partners and your 1 house of personality. Be careful not to be stubborn when dealing with partners And control your strong emotions and personal sensuality.

Scorpio, – (3) the third week begins with highly unusual energy beginning with Mars Conjunct Neptune in your 5 house. This can be a blessing or confusing energy according to how you use your creativity and pleasure principle. You should follow your intuition but maintain control of your passions. This will be a bit difficult in the middle of the week when RX Mercury joins the Sun in the 8 house which again warns against confusion especially when communicating on an intimate or financial level. The end of the week settles down as mischievous Mercury is grounded in Taurus.

Scorpio – (4) the fourth-week bursts with energy as Mars enters Aries and 6 house. You may feel you can work your fingers to the bone. You should focus on personal routines and express your indomitable spirit. Mars will join Jupiter in the middle of the week so new opportunities for expansion may come through work. This is a powerful energy that can help you achieve success or make you too critical, use it wisely. A New Moon in the 8 house opens a new level of intimacy with your partner. You may invest in new technology or social media programs.