Scorpio – Neptune in your 5th house can be an excellent time to begin a new creative approach in your life. You have subtle sensations that most people may overlook but that can empower your genius. Use the inspiration that comes your way in a productive manner. Be careful with your sensuality in romantic situations. Pleasure can become addictive on many levels and steal your energy. The Sun’s trine to Neptune in the1 allows you to project a magnetic aura that adds attractiveness to your personality.

Scorpio Uranus 6 has brought exciting new energy to the area of work and everyday routines. You have the power of discipline so focus and use this energy to learn new techniques that will bring success and new opportunities. A beautiful trine from Venus in the 2 house inspires you to use your talents and new abilities to make more money. Than you can goon a shopping spree. Check your bank balance and your investments.

Scorpio – Mars moves into in your 4 stimulating your deepest emotional level. This is where you live & it’s the core of your being. You must be awareness of what you are feeling and how you are acting with family members. It will be easy to steer the ship but it is better to ask where everyone wants to go. Keep your emotions clear, fix up whatever needs to be repaired at home.

Scorpio – The Mercury Saturn conjunction 2 warns you to control your spending and watch your budget. You may be expecting to receive money but their may be a delay. You may also question what your true values are. Why do you want shinny things? Will they add value to your being? You must not spend your valuable talents or resources on frivolous things. Listen to wisdom of Socrates and Know Thyself

Scorpio – A powerful conjunction of Venus and Pluto in your 3 intensifies the need to open your mind and use it to understand and communicate new ideas. You must harness the power of your mind to analyze and understand new information without being confused. You must also speak with kindness. The square from Jupiter in your 12 is excessive & warns you to be selective in what you say. Secrets should remain secrets. If you feel the need to heal your spirit go to a trusted. Intuitive and logic might not be in sink.