Scorpio – The month begins with Mercury in the 11 th house of associates in opposition to Neptune in the 5 th house of pleasure. Neptune can be a tricky energy and especially in an opposition to logical Mercury. It is important that you maintain boundaries with your friends and business associates. An offer may be too good to be true and you could create an embarrassing situation if you misread someone’s kindness. Keep your personal fantasies to yourself. You may receive some clarity when Mercury in your 11 th house of associates also trines Pluto in the 3 rd house of intellect midweek. Pluto tends to expose truth allowing you to make better decisions about what to say and how to say it.

Scorpio – week 2 begins with a big bump as Mars in the 12 house of limitations squares Pluto in the 3 rd house of intellect. This energy warns you to be careful when dealing with secrets and communications. Don’t repeat rumors you cannot substantiate. Another challenge may visit the end of the week as Venus in the 11 th of associates opposes Saturn in the 5 th house of pleasure. Maintain your boundaries when networking with associates. A trine from Mars (1) to Saturn (5) on the 13 th and a New Moon on the 14 th in 12 th may help smooth things out as common sense can be put into action. You may have a deep intuition about what is happening so follow the light.

Scorpio – The 3 week begins with a challenging Sun Mercury Conjunction in the 12 th house of limitations which is Squared to Pluto in the 3 th house of intellect. You must be very careful when when choosing words to express your deeper feelings. Think twice before you speak. This is one time when your ability to cut deeply can backfire on you. Making a bad situation worse. the end of the week settles down as Venus in the 11 trines Jupiter in the 7 th. This is positive energy that can bring help and support from friends and partners bringing a new opportunity. then Saturn 5 trines Mercury in the 1 st giving a positive structure to your creative ideas. Romance is in the air.

Scorpio – 4 The month ends as Saturn in the 5 house trines the Sun in the 1 st bringing a stabilizing energy to your personality. This is a great time to pursue pleasure and creativity. You may bring the most individualistic ideas down to earth. The energy peaks again as Mercury conjuncts Mars in the 1 st and both oppose Jupiter in the 7 house of relationships. Discuss your differences with others and you gain cooperation in important personal and business matters. The month ends with unexpected energy as a full Moon and Venus 11 trine Uranus in the 7 may bring a new opportunity to cooperate with partners. Follow the road less traveled with partners.