Scorpio – Venus transiting the sign Virgo and your 11 house inspires you to contact friends or go out with some new people. This is a great time to feel you’re part of a social organization or group of like-minded people. You may want to take part in a humanitarian effort that can better your corner of the world and don’t be surprised if an opportunity comes through a friend or by attending a concert.

Scorpio – Mars is transiting your 2 of money, possessions and personal values. This energy can increase your ambition and give you more drive for success especially in financial terms. If you have a good money making idea, this may be the time to put it into action. You’d love to be running the show but you may come on too strong so cooperation with others is important. Impulse can override logic Pay attention to details and don’t be extravagant.

Scorpio – Pluto – A deep slow revolution is happening in your third house – You have a penetrating and deep mind that seeks answers to some of life’s most difficult questions. But now you must examine the process of questioning itself. Has it lead you to the truth or a truth. Find the area of deepest meaning in your life. Have you been manipulated by flawed belief systems or is there something more powerful? If you have learned a truth, teach it to others without manipulation