Scorpio – the transit of Mercury and Venus 11 helps when working in associations and social groups. You know how to help other people. Mercury’s vibrant trine to Uranus in your 7 house may bring an unexpected opportunity to meet an unusual partner. Venus trine Saturn in your 3 suggests a practical approach to networking. Mars in your 11 increases your contact with groups of people or professional associations. The trine to Saturn 3 stabilizes your mental abilities and need to travel. Saturn turns direct in your 3 house of mind and communications. You realize how your experiences have influenced your perceptions of life. Your mind has been shaped by your education and everyday realities. Mercury is transiting your 12th house of spirituality and hidden agendas. Your intuition is on target and old fears may be healed. The sextile to Jupiter in 2 may invite a bit of reckless spending and a desire to indulge yourself.