Aries – Sun transiting through 7 Squares Jupiter 4. This transit can bring opportunities through home and partnerships.. Your home and family as well as your personal surrounding should help ground you and bring a sense security. You need to cooperate with business partners or your significant other to help you devise a plan for future expansion. You may have to give them a leading role but this will pay dividends in the future.

Taurus – Sun transiting through 6 Squares Jupiter 3 this transit can bring opportunities through work, travel and learning. If you want to get ahead now’s the time to start a new course of study. Your mind should be able to absorb knowledge your communications skills are enhanced. You should learn new computer skills or bone up on the latest technology in your field. Just remember no one like a know it all. Be wise

Gemini –Sun transiting through 5 Squares Jupiter2 this transit can bring opportunities to earn some extra money. You can achieve this by harnessing your energy to a new creative approach. Make sure any investments you make are based in solid financial realities for you may be too optimistic for your own good. You should also take some time to enjoy the pleasure of life. But just like money they can be transient in nature.

Cancer – Sun transiting through 4 Squares Jupiter 1 .this can bring opportunities for your on a deep emotional level. Jupiter will expand your expressive ability and the Sun will heighten your sensitivity. Together this combination of this energy can make you a force to behold. You may pursue opportunities because you have a deep sense of self confidence in your abilities. But, you’ll have to watch your waist and your wallet.

Leo – Sun transiting through 3 Squares Jupiter 12 this can bring opportunities to understand your inner thought patterns and spiritual awareness. You need to take some time to clarify your mind and ideas. You may want to follow a dream but can be uncertain where to begin. That’s why people practice prayer, yoga meditation. It helps them center themselves and gain greater clarity. You must trust your deeper feelings, not your fears.

Virgo – Sun transiting through 2 Squares Jupiter 11. this can bring opportunities through friends or in group situations. You want to better your world and may have some good ideas on how to proceed. Get involved with like minded people or humanitarian groups who have proven their worth. New people, new experiences and new places will expand your understanding. Just remember money and physical energy have limitations.

Libra – Sun transiting through 1 Squares Jupiter 10 this can bring opportunities through your career or social standing. Optimism and energy are both at a high level and you have the courage to pursue success. Important people can help you so network and make new contacts. You may ask for a raise or take on some new responsibilities. This all sound great but you remember not to be pushy. Harness your public relation skills.

Scorpio – Sun transiting through 12 Squares Jupiter 9 this can bring some opportunities for travel and learning. They say knowledge is power and you are attracted to power in all its forms. The Sun will help you illuminate inner resources while Jupiter can expand your understanding of different concepts. If you study what is happening in the world you know how powerful beliefs can be. Follow your beliefs but do not force them on others.

Sagittarius – Sun transiting through11 Squares Jupiter 8 this can bring opportunities for networking on a deeper level but you must be open to new concepts and understanding. You are attracted to unusual people who have some interesting beliefs. They may help you eliminated restrictions based on personal fears so open your mind and listen to your intuition. A new outlook can bring you the ability to make major changes in your life.

Capricorn – Sun transiting through 10 Squares Jupiter 7 this can bring some opportunities through career and partnerships. You want advance in your career and some new opportunities may come your way but you would be wise to follow the proven path of success. This energy asks you to cooperate with others or even follow their lead. You must remember that no one succeeds alone and two heads can be more effect than one.

Aquarius – Sun transiting through 9 Squares Jupiter 6 this can bring some opportunities in the area of work and self improvement. You may be looking for a good time or to get away but more responsibilities come your way at work. The key to success is to marry good ideas to efficiency so you can improve your performance and show how valuable you can be. Discipline you mind and your body but don’t forget to mix in a bit of fun.

Pisces – Sun transiting through 8 Squares Jupiter 5 this can bring opportunities in romance, intimacy and creativity. You enjoy pleasure as much as anyone and when you share it with a special person it can light up your life. This can be a happy and indulgent time that can deepen bonds of love. Compassion and gentleness will win hearts while sensuality can illuminate your imagination. Just keep one tiny foot planted on the ground