Taurus – Mercury is retrograde 1/5 – 1/25 & 12/19 – end of year 9 pay attention to the details in life or you may get lost in the big picture. 4/28 – 5/22 1 think before you speak and watch where you’re going. Confusion is in the air. 8/30 – 9/22 5 romance is supposed to be a happy place. Keep disagreements light and listen carefully to keep the peace.

Taurus – Venus – brings opportunities for love and pleasure from 4/30 – 5/25 your open for new opportunities to touch someone special and start creative projects. She smiles on you from 8/6 – 8/31 when the pull of attraction is strong so be careful with overindulgence. From 11/13 – 12/8 she asks you to focus on adventure and opportunity.

Taurus – Mars begins the year in your 7 house increasing your interest in partners and public affairs. He enters your 8 house and focuses your energy on joint finances and sensuality. Make change with care from 4/17 – 5/29 when he retrogrades. The pace quickens from June till the end of the year which may bring financial gain and heightened ambition.

Taurus – Jupiter starts the year retrograde in Virgo and your 5 house. Work out the details of a creative project and learn new techniques in your personal expression. You may have to adjust your approach in romance to keep someone happy. He moves into Libra and your 6 house September 9 Its time to look at your daily habit patterns. Good habits lead to success and bad habits defeat you. Keep your mind balanced and you will accomplish your goals.

Taurus – Saturn transits Sagittarius and your 8. You are deepening your understanding of intimacy and the ability to combine your energy with others resources. You will learn how to share and what to expect in return. His year long dance with Neptune 11 will be exact in June and September giving you the opportunity to clarify what you align to give and receive from humanitarian and social groups. You’ll be disappointed if they are not true to their mission or elated by positive social change. Saturn gives form and structure, Neptune imagination and faith.

Taurus – the Uranus – Pluto Square has instigated crisis in the world and change in our lives. But now the intensity is weakening allowing positive change. Uranus has given you the opportunity to look deep inside to root out fears and inhibitions that have been holding you back. Now use the power of Pluto to deepen your understanding of the world and focus your personal ambition.