Taurus – Jupiter moves direct in your 4 house till 8/11 bringing a wave of energy that will bring emotional growth and a deepened sense of security. You may thank your lucky stars as new opportunities to improve your base of operations are all around. He also increases your ability to deepen your sense of emotional security through your home and family connections. Take some time to tell your family how much you love and need them.

Taurus – Pluto Retrograde in the 9 th house of understanding compels you to examine your beliefs and where they come from. Do you follow the truth or a truth. This will be important when dealing with people with differing beliefs. You don’t have to accept them but you also do not have to fear them. A little bit of understanding creates peace. The most important things for you to gain are wisdom and clarity.

Taurus – Mercury joins Mars in your1 st house of personality. You may be more impulsive and adventurous than usual and even a bit pushy. Use aggressive energy in a practical manner and you can achieve success but egotistical or dogmatic action will turn others away. Disciplined your mind and your actions and you will be more effective. Get things done.