Taurus – Jupiter retrograde in your 5 house which can bring confusion so creative expression. You need to move slowly in romance because pleasure is fun in the short-term but love takes commitment. Think deeply about what you want to give and receive.
Taurus – Saturn’s retrograde in your 8 suggests you review the experiences you’ve share with others in personal or business relationships. Cooperation brings success frustration demands adjustments. Seek intimacy, personal satisfaction and rebirth.

Mercury enters Taurus and Venus enters Aries on April 5, 2016 Taurus – Mercury enters your 1 house. You can express yourself with clarity and purpose so be compassionate and loving and leave the stubbornness behind.
Venus brings her charm to your12 house adding a sense of sympathy, understanding and compassion to your energy. You’ll benefit from spending some time alone to meditate and practice healing.

Taurus – Mars goes retrograde in your 8 – consider how you share your energy with others on a personal and business level. Know what you’re willing to share & what you want in return. There can be misguided passion and intimate faux pas. This can be a time of deep healing, psychic and sensual renewal.

Taurus – Pluto Retrograde in the 9 th house of understanding compels you to examine your beliefs and where they come from. Do you follow the truth or a truth. This will be important when dealing with people with differing beliefs. You don’t have to accept them but you also do not have to fear them. A little bit of understanding creates peace. The most important things for you to gain are wisdom and clarity.