Taurus – (1) the month begins with a New Moon in your 12 house. It is also joined by Mercury and Chiron. This concentration of energy will increase you need for contemplation and quiet. You may want to examine the fears that hold you back so you can overcome self-destructive habits. Do something for your self-confidence for the spotlight may be on you soon. Keep in mind that Mars is conjunct Saturn in your 10 house so make sure you have a solid plan to get ahead. You want to impress powerful people but they will not support aggressive action.

Taurus- (2) the second week features a powerful Square between Mercury and Pluto warning you to be careful when you try to communicate your ideas to others. No manipulation will be allowed. A conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune in your 11 th house and the sign Pisces can bring new opportunities through your friends and business associates. You can inspire others through your compassion and vision for the future. The Full Moon on the 16 th brings emotions to the surface in work or in your daily routines. Be willing to make needed adjustments.

Taurus – (3) the third week begins with an energetic conjunction of Mercury and Uranus in your first house warning you to think before you speak. You may have wonderful ideas but have you formulated a logical plan to guide you? Ego may need to be controlled. A square between the Sun in your 12 house and Pluto in the 9 th warns against being too righteous or judgmental. This is backed up by a Square between Mercury in the 1 st house squared to Saturn in the 10 th. People in positions of power may not want you to ruffle their feathers.

Taurus- (4) the fourth week has a major conjunction of Venus, Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces and your 11 th house. This is a powerful yet subtle combination of energy that can bring a whole new depth of purpose into your life. You need to focus your energy on goals and activities that go beyond selfish desires. This energy presents opportunities to excel in social, cultural, and humanitarian situations. You may find a friend becoming a love interest. Pluto going RX in the 9 th house may give you some time to reflect on your belief systems and future ambitions.