Taurus – a sense of optimism opens the month as the Sun, Mercury and Venus transit fiery Sagittarius giving you the opportunity to lift your spirit. Your eighth house is activated by this exciting energy and you may be feeling sensual and expressive. Nothing heals you like sharing intimacy and your willing to give it your all. This is also a good time to invest with those you trust as a sense of generosity and renewal opens you up to new possibilities. Deepen your love.

Taurus – Jupiter goes retrograde in your 4 house. Take time to re-evaluate what you’ve been doing for the past few months. Your emotions have gone through a growth spurt as you’ve made deeper connections with the people you love. Now you must deepen your feelings and reign in your emotions to help you feel more secure and at peace. You must listen to family members and spend some time in quiet to center yourself.

Taurus – After Jupiter slowed things down earlier in the month, Uranus goes direct in your 12 th house renewing holiday excitement. The real meaning of the season may touch your heart so meditate on the true gifts of the season. Anyone can buy shiny gifts, that’s easy. But giving from the heart and spirit takes faith and courage. Unlock the hidden gift of your heart and you may open yourself to a wonderful new future.