Taurus – Jupiter or Zeus to the ancient Greeks was known as the King of the Gods, the King of Justice and the Greater Benefic. He will transit Capricorn for the first time in twelve years starting an important new cycle of structure, opportunity wisdom and abundance. Expect opportunity in educational, legal and visionary pursuits. Ambition must be pursued with wisdom. The Sun in your 8 house illuminates your emotional nature. However, the Square to Neptune on the eighth in your 11 may bring challenges through your friends or groups you want to join. The Venus conjunction to Saturn on the eleventh reminds you that not everyone shares your ideas and beliefs. Venus in the 10th house inspires you to seek success and recognition through your career or social contacts. However, her Square to disruptive Uranus in your 1 house on the 22 nd may shake up your personality so control your sense of individuality. the Sun and Jupiter are energizing your 9 house on the 27 th increasing your ability to grow in intellectual power, understanding and wisdom.