Taurus – The month begins with a highly energized last quarter moon that brings the extra intensity of Mars to your 7 house. Control your emotional power by combining your energy with your partners. Cooperation will help limit disagreements. The more you accomplish now the more time you’ll have to enjoy next week’s Super Bowl and the Chinese new year.

Taurus – Super Bowl weekend starts with a Venus Pluto conjunction in your 9 house. Don’t allow the coming excitement to change your focus. This is an important time to add depth to your understanding so you can prepare for the future. Then Venus squares Uranus in your 12 house on Saturday warning you to live your spiritual values. Keep secrets to yourself. Mars square’s the sun from your 7 house on Sunday bringing a sense of extra energy. There’s electricity in the air. You need to cooperate with others to keep the peace. Maintain self control. Monday brings the energy of the new moon to your 10 house and the Chinese new year. Use this new cycle to develop future career goals, Know what you need to be a success.

Taurus – the sun conjuncts Neptune in your 11 house this is a special once a year transit that enhances the visionary and spiritual qualities of life. It illuminates your 11 house of association and friends. You would be wise to take some time to judge your involvement with groups of people. Do they inspire you to better your life or are they influencing you to follow false promises. Beware the power of manipulation you must take the high road, gain clarity of purpose and maintain your integrity.