Taurus – (1) the month begins with a powerful and contradictory New Moon conjunct Saturn in your 10 th house of career and status The new Moon is outgoing and full of spontaneous energy but the conjunction of Saturn challenges you to be careful especially with people in power. Move forward but move carefully. Mercury turns direct on the 3 rd and helps you know what want to say to people who come from different backgrounds and beliefs. You should also have an easier time with travel plans.

Taurus – (2) the second week begins with Mars trine Uranus. This is a positive and energizing aspect that connects your 9 th house of ambition with your 1 st house of action. You may have some great ideas about what you want to accomplish in life but you may be feeling a bit too independent for your own good. The conjunction of Mercury and Pluto also in the 9 th house suggests that you may have to deepen your ambitions. You may have the opportunity to impress the right people.

Taurus – (3) the third week begins as Venus conjuncts Mars in your 9 th house of ambition. This can bring an opportunity for advancement if you can channel your creative ideas into realistic goals. Use your understanding of what different people value to prepare yourself for the future. The Full Moon on the 16 th can bring together your need for security and your need to get ahead in your career. Use the power of your energy to help you overcome obstacles to success. Just remember to control your emotions.

Taurus – (4) the fourth week has Venus and Mars in your ninth house sextile Neptune in your 11 th house of associates. This is a gentle and creative energy that can increase your ability to sense how to participate in social and business groups to get ahead. So use your intuition and creativity and get out and network. Pluto and the Moon will join with the energy of Venus and Mars to help you gain a deeper understanding concerning what makes people think the way they do. If you understand what they need and value you have a sure path to success.